Excellent Service


“Honest and valuable advice. Swift transfer after instruction. I’ll be using them again.”

John L, Clapham, England

Quick and Easy Cost Effective Transactions


“We use Foremost Currency Group for all business and personal transactions requiring exchange of GBP to Euro or USD. Alistair Ryan, our broker, is a pleasure to deal with. Transactions are fast and efficient either via phone or email and are much less hassle than using a bank with a much better exchange rate.

I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

D Lane, United Kingsom



“This was the first time I had to exchange a large amount of money from the sale of my flat. I found David Worthington very knowledgeable and helpful, his advice saved me thousands as the pound was falling and he recommended to exchange sooner rather than later (he was proven right). I found the service quick and the overall experience was very professional.”

Anonymous, Malta

Flat sale


“This is the first time we have used the Foremost Currency Group and we were very satisfied. All stages of exchanging the Euro funds from the proceeds of selling our flat went well and the money was then sent to our UK bank swiftly and without problems.

We use them again next time.”

Ken J, Watford

Hard Work and Patience


“Thank you so much for all the hard work and patience that you have exercised on my behalf during these last few months……This is a fantastic result and I am thrilled. I have to confess that I was a little bit stressed as we approached our deadline date and appeared to be far off the mark.
I could never do your job for a living and am very grateful for your quiet and calm demeanour throughout the whole transaction. I do apologize for bombarding you with emails, however you were unflappable throughout, and a great person to work with.
From the beginning I was a little hesitant to take up working with a Currency Services company, whose business I knew little to nothing about. In fact the only experience that I have ever had is with high street banks or the dreaded currency exchange at airports, which often leaves one depressed at the beginning of what is supposed to be a fun annual vacation overseas!
Once again my sincere thanks. I can assure you this working relationship is by no means at an end and I sincerely hope that we will continue to work together well into the foreseeable future.”

Tim L



“Every time i transfer funds to our account in Spain, the service is delivered courteously and swiftly with the minimum of fuss. My details are on record and I don’t have to repeat them. This saves time. The rates are competitive.”

Tony C, London